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The PromiseRejectionEvent.promise read-only property indicates the JavaScript Promise which has been rejected. You can examine the event's PromiseRejectionEvent.reason property to learn why the promise was rejected.
API events Events HTML DOM JavaScript Promise PromiseRejectionEvent Promises Property Reference


The PromiseRejectionEvent.reason read-only property is any JavaScript value or Object which provides the reason passed into Promise.reject(). This in theory provides information about why the promise was rejected.
API Events events HTML DOM JavaScript PromiseRejectionEvent Promises Property reason Reference


The Selection.isCollapsed read-only property returns a Boolean which indicates whether or not there is currently any text selected; That is to say that the selection's start and end points are at the same position in the content.
API DOM Experimental Expérimental HTML Editing Property Read-only Reference Référence Selection


The sendTones() method of the Telephony Interface generates multiple DTMF tones, with a specified duration for each tone, and an optional delay before generation starts. The tones are sent to the currently active call.
API B2G Certified DOM Firefox OS Method Mobile Non-standard Reference Référence sendTones Telephony


The TimeRanges.length read-only property returns the number of ranges in the object.
API HTML DOM Media NeedsCompatTable Property Read-only Reference Référence TimeRanges


The VRDisplay interface of the WebVR API represents any VR device supported by this API. It includes generic information such as device IDs and descriptions, as well as methods for starting to present a VR scene, retrieving eye parameters and display capabilities, and other important functionality.
API DOM Experimental Expérimental Interface Media Reference Référence Virtual Reality VR VRDisplay WebVR


The dialogArguments property returns the parameters that were passed into the window.showModalDialog() method. This lets you determine what parameters were specified when the modal dialog was created.
API HTML DOM NeedsCompatTable NeedsExample NeedsMarkupWork NeedsSpecTable Property Reference Référence Window


The Window.history read-only property returns a reference to the History object, which provides an interface for manipulating the browser session history (pages visited in the tab or frame that the current page is loaded in).
API History API HTML DOM NeedsCompatTable NeedsExample NeedsMarkupWork NeedsSpecTable Property Reference Référence Window