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The Navigator.vendorSub read-only property is the substring of the vendor having to do with the vendor version number.  The specification allows browsers to always return the empty string, so don't rely on this property to get a reliable answer.
API HTML DOM Property Read-only


NavigatorLanguage contains methods and properties related to the language of the navigator.
API HTML-DOM No Interface Reference Référence


If the underlying element collection contains radio buttons, the RadioNodeList.value property represents the checked radio button. On retrieving the value property, the value of the currently checked radio button is returned as a string. If the collection does not contain any radio buttons or none of the radio buttons in the collection is in checked state, the empty string is returned. On setting the value property, the first radio button input element whose value property is equal to the new value will be set to checked.
HTML DOM Property RadioNodeList Reference Référence


The TimeRanges interface is used to represent a set of time ranges, primarily for the purpose of tracking which portions of media have been buffered when loading it for use by the <audio> and <video> elements.
API HTML DOM Interface Media NeedsExample Reference


The Window.sizeToContent() method sizes the window according to its content. In order for it to work, the DOM content should be loaded when this function is called, for example once the DOMContentLoaded event has been thrown.
API HTML DOM Method Reference Référence Window


WindowEventHandlers mixin describes the event handlers common to several interfaces like Window, or HTMLBodyElement and  HTMLFrameSetElement. Each of these interfaces can implement additional specific event handlers.
API HTML-DOM Interface Reference Référence


The hashchange event fires when a window's hash changes (see location.hash).
HTML-DOM Property Reference Référence WindowEventHandlers


Cancels a timeout previously established by calling setTimeout().
API clearTimeout HTML DOM Method Reference WindowTimers


The DataTransfer.clearData() method removes the drag operation's drag data for the given type. If data for the given type does not exist, this method does nothing.
API clearData DataTransfer drag and drop HTML DOM Method Reference


The DataTransfer.dropEffect property controls the feedback (typically visual) the user is given during a drag and drop operation. It will affect which cursor is displayed while dragging. For example, when the user hovers over a target drop element, the browser's cursor may indicate which type of operation will occur.
API drag and drop HTML DOM Property Reference


The DataTransfer.effectAllowed property specifies the effect that is allowed for a drag operation. The copy operation is used to indicate that the data being dragged will be copied from its present location to the drop location. The move operation is used to indicate that the data being dragged will be moved, and the link operation is used to indicate that some form of relationship or connection will be created between the source and drop locations.
API drag and drop HTML DOM Property Reference


The DataTransfer.files property is a list of the files in the drag operation. If the operation includes no files, the list is empty.
API drag and drop HTML DOM Property Reference


The DataTransfer.getData() method retrieves drag data (as a DOMString) for the specified type. If the drag operation does not include data, this method returns an empty string.
API drag and drop HTML DOM Method Reference


The DataTransfer.items property is a list of the data transfer items in a drag operation. The list includes one item for each item in the operation and if the operation had no items, the list is empty.
API drag and drop HTML DOM Property Reference


The DataTransfer.setData() method sets the drag operation's drag data to the specified data and type. If data for the given type does not exist, it is added at the end of the drag data store, such that the last item in the types list will be the new type. If data for the given type already exists, the existing data is replaced in the same position. That is, the order of the types list is not changed when replacing data of the same type.
API drag and drop HTML DOM Method Reference


When a drag occurs, a translucent image is generated from the drag target (the element the dragstart event is fired at), and follows the mouse pointer during the drag. This image is created automatically, so you do not need to create it yourself. However, if a custom image is desired, the DataTransfer.setDragImage() method can be used to set the custom image to be used.
API drag and drop HTML DOM Method Reference


The DataTransfer.types read-only property is an array of the drag data formats (as strings) that were set in the dragstart event. The order of the formats is the same order as the data included in the drag operation.
API drag and drop HTML DOM Property Reference


Returns the currently focused element, that is, the element that will get keystroke events if the user types any. This attribute is read only.
API Document HTML DOM NeedsMarkupWork Property Reference Référence