Python Tuples

Python Tuples

Tuples allow multiple values to be stored as a collection.

Accessing elements in Python Tuples

To access an element in a Tuple at the given index use tuple[index].

Unpacking Python Tuples

When you create a Tuple using the (...) syntax it's called packing a Tuple.

Python Tuple Operations

To join Tuples use the + operator

Modifying Python Tuples

Tuples are immutable, meaaning that once they are created you can't change them. You can, however, create a new tuple from an existing Tuple, and in doing so modify the result. This is generally achieved by converting the Tuple to a List, modifying the list, then converting back to a Tuple.

Checking for existence in Python Tuples

To check whether an item exists in a tuple use the in keyword.

Python Tuple count() Method

Returns the number of times a specified value occurs in a tuple.

Python Tuple index() Method

Searches the tuple for a specified value and returns the position of where it was found.